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Going out with sensational lashes -

Going out with sensational lashes

You all know how I love watching youtube vids. One of my faves is – who else – Zoella. If I have to be completely honest, I love her vlogging channel ever more. I don’t know why I love watching other people live their life.. or maybe I do. Well, anyway. I always keep an eye on the products she uses because they can vary a lot. Recently she uploaded an ad on Instagram about the Maybelline Sensational Lash mascara. Well, I couldn’t help myself and get the mascara asap – I mean, look at this pic (!) -.. and I’m glad I did. It was super weird to put in on the first times, because the brush is so different. But at the end, I got the handle on it and we’ve become best friends since. I love the way you can basically choose how much of the mascara you want to apply. The inner side makes it look very thick, while the outer side really opens your lashes. You can find them at your local drugstore, …

Current faves⎪

Current beauty faves

Here are some of my favorite beauty products of the moment! 1. L’Oréal Super liner perfect slim. The only eyeliner which makes it possible to achieve a winged eyeliner.. well, most of the time. Anyway, this has become my new best friend. 2. Mac Satin Twig Lipstick. My favorite lipstick atm, the colour is perfect for this in-between season. 3. Maybelline Vivid Matt Liquid. With this one I have some kind of love-hate relationship, but once I get used to the liquid on my lips – such a strange feeling – I know I’ll love this one forever. 4. Essie Marshallow en Bordeaux nail polish. When I’m choosing a colour for my nails, I’ll always go for one of these. They stay perfect for days and go with every occasion. 5. Maybelline Nude Eyeshadow Palette. Eyeshadow in combination with my contact lenses is a no-go, but when wearing my glasses I will reach for this palette much quicker. The colours suit me and I don’t really need much more than these. 6. Yves Rocher Foundation Kwast. I used to apply my foundation with …

Facial care w/ garnier⎪

Facial care w/ Garnier

Some people have such an extended evening ritual  some cream here, some lotion there, some extra cream. I find it exhausting just thinking about it. I’ve never really been interested in all these facial hypes.  Recently I have tried a serum and eyecream, but that’s about it. I’ve always been going for the easiest way possible – without knowing if that was the best way.. well, probably not. Thankfully I caved for the micellar cleansing water trend, because this hasn’t only made my evening ritual much easier, but my skin looks so much better too. At the moment I’m using three products of the Garnier facial care line. In other words, those three products are the only things I use in the evening – and partially in the morning too.   Sommige mensen hebben een enorm uitgebreid avondritueel: crèmes hier, lotions daar, nog wat extra crème.. Ik wordt al vermoeid van er enkel aan te denken. Als het om gezichtsverzorging voor de avond gaat, heb ik nooit echt meegedaan met alle hypes. Laats heb ik voor het eerst een …