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Pink for work -

Casual attire

A few weeks ago I pulled some random items out of my closet and created one of my new favorite spring looks. One going to work, I like to dress super comfy – the main reason I rarely wear heels to work. I bought the pastel pink sneakers one of the last days of summer, so I can finally wear them again. This look is a bit grey-ish so they are definitely welcome for the extra colour. The cardigan from Ichi was one of those random finds. I was just look around at a store my mom loves – not me though – and stumbled upon this. I’m glad I did because it’s so easy to wear and – surprise surprise – super comfy. 😉 What do you think of this look? Enkele weken geleden haalde ik enkele willekeurige items uit mijn kast en vond op die manier één van mijn favorite lente outfits. Wanneer ik ga werken, draag ik het liefst zo comfortabel mogelijke kledij – dé reden waarom je me zelden met hakken zal zien, want …