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Summer cravings -

Summer cravings

Here I am again with some seasonal cravings. This time I’m not just focusing on fashion related items, but I’m also sharing some beauty things. 😀 First up, some striped or gingham trousers. I’ve been loving my black trousers so much at the moment that I want another pair, but a pair that looks a bit different. I’m not really someone who keeps up with all the trends, but I do like a bit of gingham – or just stripes, going for stripes is always a good idea. Next up, some sun protection for my face. I wanted to go for 50 spf, but since I my skintype doesn’t burn very easily I opted for the 30 spf. I’ve already tested the sun protection from Louis Widmer and I will definitely go for this one. More about this one later 😉 Beside protection my face from the sun I am also changing my beauty routine. My daycream has became quite heavy with the warm weather lately so I wanted something light and the Moisture Surge …