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5 apps I can't live without -

5 apps I can’t live without

I know the title is a bit dramatic, but¬†either I use these apps almost everyday or they simple make my life a bit easier. But this post isn’t just about the apps in the inside of my phone, but also a bit about the case on the outside! I got this case from Paradise Amsterdam. They make the most gorgeous cases for your phone: palm leafs, marble, abstract.. I already have my eye on two other cases ūüėÄ Did I mention they feel extremely soft and luxurious? Check there website here. 1.¬†Spendee. An app to keep a close eye on your¬†financials. You can make different categories, a pie chart shows to percentage of all your expenses, you can make a budget and so much more. I tried different kinds of apps like this one, but haven’t found one I love more. The¬†only thing I hate about it? If you want more wallets – which can be very usefull if you use various accounts – you’ll need to get a subscription. What happened with the one …