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The ultimate black blazer -

The ultimate black blazer

The black blazer is a crucial piece in your wardrobe. You can style it any way you want and it’s appropriate for any occasion. I do know however how though it can be to find the exact right one. It took me over two years – I kid you not – to find the ultimate blazer. There was always something wrong with it, but this one from Zara seems to be just what I was looking for. The combination of a blue jeans with anything black¬†always never appealed to me. I always thought it looked so weird, even though I saw some many amazing examples. Thankfully I was in a big whatever-mood and that’s how I put together this outfit. I do love this outfit, even though I might not wear it that often. Easy guess that I would often wear this blazer with black trousers – I mean.. I love wearing black! ūüėÄ I’ll definitely show you that look later, but first tell me what you think of this look. Do you like it …

The perfect raincoat⎪

The perfect raincoat

A few weeks ago¬†I was strolling around in Zara when suddenly my eye fell on this perfect fit, perfect coloured raincoat. Pricetag? A small 50 euros. It doesn’t surprise you I bought it a few days later. Having a good raincoat is¬†essential¬†when living in Belgium. I mean.. it does rain quite a lot. Not as much as in England I’m sure, but still.. too much. This raincoat is available in four colours (beige, taupe, pink and navy). I decided to go for the last one because for two simple reasons: I¬†absolutely¬†love navy and because I had seen all the other colours¬†on a few pupils at the school I work. Kinda obvs I didn’t go for any of those colours. Didn’t spot the navy one yet! I decided to pair it with white trousers and sneakers, just to make it pop a bit more. But to be honest, black and even blue works just as good. Oh, and I can even wear my Acne cardigan beneath it, so that makes me love this raincoat even more! …

Black with a pop of red⎪

Black with a pop of red

Sometimes you just feel like wearing black. I’m not talking about one black item, but a full on outfit. Like the one I’m wearing in this post. I decided to add a pop of red to bring just of bit of colour in it. But even without the red, I could wear this outfit every single day, especially when it’s winter or when the weather isn’t all that great. The day we shot this look, it was very cloudy and most of all, very windy. Two words: perfect setting. I haven’t always been a sucker for black though. This is actually just a recent thing. Even I find¬†it hard to believe, but in my early teens all I wore was colour. Seriously, I can’t even remember one item that was black. But hey, fashion wasn’t the same back then.. so I get a pass. At this point I’m very happy that I’ve finally found my style which I like to call: laid back minimal with a hint of whatever-mood-I’m-into-today because let’s be honest. Depending on …

Favorite Fall Outfit |

Favorite Fall Outfit (+VIDEO)

Een regenachtige zondag, een warm dekentje met een warme chocomelk terwijl er een leuke serie opstaat. Mijn meest favoriete combinatie tijdens deze donkere dagen. De drang om iets te ondernemen staat op een zeer laag pitje, dus dan kan ik helemaal van zo een dag genieten. Helaas moeten we de deur ook wel eens uit op zulke dagen. Als dat wil zeggen dat ik mijn favoriete outfit kan aantrekken, GEEN PROBLEEM JOH!

See you next winter |

My favorite oldy (but it’s a goldy!)

Mijn meest favoriete item van afgelopen winter (eigenlijk van een heleboel winters) moet wel¬†onderstaande lange grijze winterjas zijn. Ik durf het bijna niet te zeggen, maar ik kocht ‘m iets meer dan vijf jaar geleden. Ik weet het nog goed, want mijn klasgenoot had op exact dezelfde dag exact dezelfde jas aan. Moet toch lukken, h√©?¬†Vijf winters later heb ik deze jas nog altijd niet vervangen door een nieuwer item, maar waarom zou ik ook? Buiten dat er af en toe een knoop opnieuw moet aangenaaid worden, is hij nog altijd perfect. Maar misschien moet ik volgende winter toch maar eens zoeken naar een nieuw exemplaar?